Old Fashion Barn raising

A severe storm toppled our garage last year.  We are building a replacement barn/garage from post oak and cedar trees (eastern red juniper, actually) harvested on the ranch. Our son Will has done most of the work from cutting down the trees to assembling the trusses, but we have all contributed time and energy to the project. Many trees died in the severe drought of 2011.  All the cedar trees — some over 200 years old judging from the ring count —  perished in that drought, which is a good indication of how extreme an event the dry spell was. We constructed the trusses out of post oak, mostly sawed green to avoid problems of insect infestation and rot.  Green wood is also much easier to work, especially in hardwoods such as oak. That is the way it was done before power tools became available. The trusses were bolted together in such a way as to accommodate shrinkage and resist warpage. There exists many hundreds of post oak trees on the ranch so the three or four trees we cut down will not be missed. The inspiration for the design of the trusses and how attached to the uprights came from a building we saw on our visit to Denali, Alaska, this summer and a picture of same begins the slide show.  For the slide show, click the following link: