Yvonne Willicks Weltweit

Yvonne Willicks is the the German Martha Stewart.  She has a popular TV program on WDR (Westdeutsche Rundfunk) where she discusses recipes, examines appliances, and comes up with useful tips for organizing everyday life, in other words, the same format used by Martha Stewart. Once or twice a year, however, she and he crew, go to some “exotic” place in the world where she films a show on how other families in other parts of the world organize their daily lives. Such an expedition last spring brought her and he crew to Texas where she ended up filming a segment of the program on Texas at our ranch. It was a lot of fun all around and the program finally aired in Germany this week (Sept 26, 2017). The following link will take you to the program. It is in German, of course, but it is easy enough to figure out what it is about. Our segment is basically the last third of the program.