Making venison sausage at the ranch

Winter means sausage making time at the ranch.  This year we were a little later than usual, but a good dry, cool norther blew in, giving us a spell of perfect weather to process and smoke the sausage. We usually mix the venison with pork, other wise it would turn out too dry.  It is quite a process to cut up, grind, spice, stuff, ties off and package a hundred pounds of sausage meat, but this year my brother John helped my son Will and I do to the stuffing part, a big help. We only use post oak wood to smoke, and that is the case for most people around thus part of the state.  The wood has a wonderful delicate flavor. We cold smoke for four to six hours, and only for flavor. Sausage like this cannot be purchased commercially because of government regulations. This year’s batch turned out perfect. Half we seasoned with salt, garlic, and black pepper. The other half we spiced up with with ground smoked and dried peppers that we grew and prepared ourselves.

For a short slide show, check out the following link: