Anthology of Texas German Literature

Texas Germans produced an astounding body of literature in the 19th century that embraced all genres and which, if it were stacked up in a piles side by side, would exceed the amount produced in English. In other words, a shadow Texas literature exists that has almost been entirely forgotten. I and several of my colleagues are trying to give voice to this ‘forgotten’ Texas literature through contemporary translations. I am happy to announce that I recently concluded an agreement with Steve Davis, curator of the literary section of the Bill Wittliff Collection at Texas State University in San Marcos, to produce an anthology of Texas German Literature for for a proposed series to be called the “Wittliff Series of Southwestern Literature.”  I have also recently completed an annotated translation of W.A. Trenckmann’s novel, Die Lateiner am Possum Creek [The Lateiner of Possum Creek; a Texas Story]. This is the only true Civil War Home Front novel in either language produced by a contemporary and, for this reason alone, has literary significance. It is a true window into the trials and hardships of the home front years and of the ethical dilemma faced by those who opposed the war but were forced by the conscription laws into military service. For more on this novel, see the tab “Books in Progress.” Texas A&M Press, coincidentally, will be bringing out an updated and annotated translation of W.A. Trenckmann’s memoirs, edited by Drs. Walter Kamphoepner and Walter Buenger, in the near future.